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>>/ops/21 Emails sent by us (from @lastchan.xyz) should no longer go to the spam folder. If you have issues with our emails going to your
>>/ops/20 This was caused by an error in which two servers, the ad exchange server and the web server, were in a round robin. I've fixed t
>>/dev/2 I got my new upgrade!
>>/ops/19 So used to reddit syntax lol. This page: https://www.lastchan.xyz/.static/pages/contact.html
>>/ops/18 We have new contact emails that you can use to get a hold of us in case this board fails to reach us in time. Please view [this
>>/ops/17 I'm not sure if you'll see this or if you have already noticed, but the clearnet version of your website seems to be fucked by a
>>/b/19 The fuck did I just watch on this youtubez shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz04mwXeBGQ
>>/bud/2 This is some G6. It's testing pretty high.
>>/ops/16 Most of the design work is done, I'm now working on re-integrating features that I broke such as favourite boards. :)
>>/bud/1 This is the pineapple express that I recently got in.
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